Where do you want to take your company?

January 2, 2015 by Juha Merinen

Success is not an accident, but a logical outcome from timely execution of a good plan. Internationalization is  a process and not an event. To succeed in implementing your plans for internationalization it is worthwhile to remember that strategy is all about setting the course and navigating to the right direction. Therefore a solid situation report is required to understand where your starting point towards your key strategic objectives is.

QUUM analysis – the 5 step maturity model for internationalization

The company is preparing to international business
Company is still at early stages with its internationalization and researching overseas markets and customers. Depending on the starting point (even when done correctly) it takes typically minimum 1 year from a company
to be properly prepared for successful internationalization

The company experiments with international business
Company is experimenting with international markets, having some international experience and still explores
with different transactions.

The company has a plan for internationalization
Company has planned international business and strategy for internationalization.

The company systematically develops its international business
Company has systematic international business development at the heart of all development activities.

International businesses are managed as an integrated whole
Company´s all operations and activities can be optimized throughout the corporation.


Know where you are now and what to do next

Know where you are now: Construct mutual understanding within your company. Recognize your blind spots. Evaluate the skills and resources you have now and recognize those that you will need. Refine your strategy.

Know what to do next: Focus on the essential. Ensure the orchestra is playing the same tune. Optimize and prioritize your efforts. Make a development plan and move to the next level. Monitor development and set refined targets.


Do you have the skills and resources to get there?

Market knowledge: How well does your company use market information in making business decisions?

Customer understanding: How can your sales process be optimized to support internationalization?

Managing the strategy: Does your strategy and business model support your plans for growth and internationalization?

Resources for strategy: Do you have enough resources to achieve international growth?


QUUM analysis is a unique way to assess your business

It gives you a thorough understanding of your capabilities in international business. It is a reliable way to recognize the future requirements of your own business to successfully expand overseas and foster growth in the international markets. Quum analysis can be used for any type of company, regardless of industry, size, location or age.

SMART Internationalization® is a Certified Partner for QUUM analysis. We help internationalizing companies build strategic sales and organizational competencies for sustainable business growth and expansion.


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