Sales in Focus

September 24, 2012 by Juha Merinen

What is sales besides a constant marathon? By definition sales is about influencing others in a positive way. Sales can easily be compared to a football team and the game itself. If you are playing or watching the game, what happens if you take away the goals from the field? The whole meaning of the game disappears completely as the players will only focusing on passing the ball without a target to score at.

So the target is vital for the whole team. A sales team is similar to a football team where each position has an important role. If you are a forward, defender or a goalkeeper – each position has a critical and concrete role to ensure the team’s success. Each player has various qualifications for the position and for the team. These specific qualifications should be fully utilized for the full benefit of the team. Each player has to give his / her best for the success of the team and understand the roles and importance of each and every other player in the team. We can’t forget the coach, whose main role is to get the best out of the team by utilizing individual strengths and capabilities for the best of the team. Finally, the team management has the responsibility of ensuring the best possible game conditions so that players can focus fully on winning the game.

To summarize briefly the game of sales I would like to emphasize following thoughts:

  1. Sales is a team sport where each position is vital for the success of the whole team
  2. Successful teams are highly motivated, self-driven and very target- and success-oriented
  3. Success is the outcome of thorough analysis, planning and most of all, execution
    • Stick to the plan and focus on execution
  4. Never neglect details. Base your analysis and planning on data and facts
  5. Enjoy the game and be a team player

Play on!


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