SMART Internationalization® becomes Worlddidac Association Gold Member

December 27, 2017 by Juha Merinen

SMART Internationalization® has been Worlddidac Association Company Member since March 2016 and become now Worlddidac Gold Member. At the same time the Founder and CEO of SMART Internationalization®, Mr. Juha Merinen continues as Worlddidac Council Member (equals to Board of Directors).

Worlddidac Gold Membership is comparable to the previous standard membership. This level is intended to be for members who would like to actively form the future of Worlddidac and as a result, positively influence the world of education. This membership level permits the member to cast one vote when it comes to influencing the future of Worlddidac. 

Concrete Member Benefits

Depending on the Membership level Worlddidac offers variety of benefits to its valued members including for example networking with other members, monthly newsletters, legal consultation and representation, promotion on member panels at exhibitions, discount at Swissdidac and Worlddidac exhibitions, access to Agents and Distributors database, access to business tenders information, invitation to join Trade Missions and business opportunities in conjunction to Worlddidac.  

About Worlddidac

Worlddidac is the global trade association for the educational resources industry. We work equally with all education sectors, all countries and all relevant national associations to create international sales opportunities for our members. We are the only global association dedicated to the development of education worldwide. 

Together with our members and partners around the globe, we create one of the world’s leading business forums specifically for the promotion of trade and investment within the education market worldwide. We are a global organization well networked throughout the education sector. This means we can offer a truly agnostic approach to didactic systems and standards. We seek to bring the best that the world has to offer in terms of educational resources and the supporting infrastructure needed to deliver quality education. 

About Worlddidac Council

The Worlddidac Council is equal to a Board of Directors, and is elected by the General Assembly. The Council is a committee of 10 Worlddidac members representing 10 different countries of the world. The main function of the Worlddidac Council is to discuss and develop the future strategy of the association and analyze its new possible services and target markets.

The current members of the Worlddidac Council are Chula Gangoda, Nader Imani, Rainer Klose, Sylvie Legras, Steven Mckee, Valeriy Lebedev, Caroline Wright, Filippo Prosperi, Michael Koltai, and Juha Merinen.

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