Save The Date – Estonian ICT Week (Tallinn, April 2014)

February 8, 2014 by Juha Merinen

Estonian ICT Week (Tallinn, 23-30 April 2014) is the single most eventful week in the center of the sizzling Nordic-Baltic ICT powerhouse, illuminating innovational ideas connecting the brightest minds. Estonian ICT Week brings together entrepreneurs, investors, IT professionals, government leaders and policy makers from all over the world.

The event will address several key issues and interesting hot topics during the week. Visitors will have a chance to attend, see and listen to various key notes, on-stage demonstrations, pitches, gala events and many informal events such as RockIT.  The event is an excellent opportunity to get connected with many key players and prospective business partners.

Key target groups for the Estonian ICT Week are for example CEOs, CTOs, CFOs, IT developers, students, marketers, project managers, designers, great visionaries, angel investors, VC’s and those supporting the global expansion of companies.

More about Estonian ICT Week in Tallinn (23-30 April, 2014)


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