Partnership to drive Finnish companies´ business success in Africa

September 12, 2013 by Juha Merinen

SMART Internationalization® and Finnstatus have launched a cooperative partnership to drive a unique program to support Finnish companies looking for successful business entry and sustainability in African market. The program aims to enhance practical business co-operation between Finnish and African counterparties in a concrete way.

Our joint mission is to be trusted advisors to connect reliable Finnish and African business partners in long term business cooperation. This we do by strengthening our customers´ organisational readiness and competencies
in developing measurable, scalable and sustainable growth and competitiveness. We endeavour to create better awareness through training and promotion and unbiased, accurate information of African business potential and challenges to our clients and the society at large.

Thru our partnership we provide specific experience based sales intelligence and business consulting, training, coaching and African business strategy advisory services which allow our clients access to market information: customers, reliable partners, business environment & culture and industry & competitor analysis.

SMART Internationalization® operates with a network of skilled and experienced business partners whose expertise complements our sales intelligence services and expands the range of internationalization services available to our customers. We provide critical support for executive officers and operational sales teams to develop the relevant sales structures, processes and tools that help sales teams learn and cultivate best practices for international growth.

This new cooperative partnership will facilitate sales operations in both countries in a structured and sales result driven way.

Finnstatus specialties (specifically for Nigeria) include (but are not limited to)

  • Assisting Finnish companies and existing business investors by providing
    support services for doing business in Africa
  • Partner search and recommendations
  • Providing access to top business leaders and influencers
  • Networking events and business opportunities
  • Initiating, organising and participating in promotional activities  such as conferences,
    seminars and workshops for the better awareness of investment opportunities

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