Matikkatalkoot goes live – Lenovo and joining forces to motivate math studies in Finland

May 28, 2014 by Juha Merinen

Lenovo and – in co-operation with their respective partners – have announced a joint community effort to boost the motivation to study mathematics. This unique Finland wide activity is targeted to all Finnish primary schools (grades 1-4). Key objective is to motivate all students to learn math with the modern 21st Century educational ICT tools like Lenovo tablets and notebooks combined with applications.

Learning results in mathematics in Finland have decreased significantly during past years. In the latest Pisa study Finland´s ranking dropped down 10 places. One of the key reasons behind this negative development has been said to be the lack of motivation. Matikkatalkoot aims to increase the motivation by proving that “It is fun, easy and safe
to practise math and even more fun with the best ICT in Education solutions”.

Matikkatalkoot will start officially on 15th September 2014 and will run until 15th December 2014. Signing up and registration for the schools is already on-going. After the first week over 100 schools, 400 classes and over 10.000 students had signed up for Matikkatalkoot.

The participating schools will get Maths World ( application free-of-charge for the Matikkatalkoot period. Maths World is web-based individual maths practising program enabling students to practice with thousands of activities. Lenovo and 10Monkeys objective for Matikkatalkoot is to advance the usage of digital learning environment in schools.

In addition the most active schools will be awarded by latest Lenovo learning technology, ensuring that the students are motivated to achieving optimum results. Terms and conditions for the awards and prizes will be communicated closer to official start of Matikkatalkoot.

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