Joining forces – YritysVantaa and SMART Internationalization Oy

January 10, 2014 by Juha Merinen

SMART Internationalization® has been approved as a member of YritysVantaa team of external experts offering specialized subject matter expertise based advisory and consultancy services for YritysVantaa customers.

YritysVantaa operation is covering the full range of critical start-up phase business services including (but not limited to)

  • Business Model Evaluation
  • Business Plan Creation
  • Financial and Profitability Planning
  • Advisory Services for evaluating and setting up a Start-Up company

YritysVantaa services are targeted for example to individuals considering entrepreneurship as the next career choice, people having an innovative product or business idea and persons who want to make a career paradigm shift in general.

SMART Internationalization® complements YritysVantaa offering via its key advisory programs that provide critical support for executive officers and operational sales teams to develop the relevant sales structures, processes and tools that help sales teams learn and cultivate best practices for international growth. These key services for YritysVantaa customers are covering (but not limited to) for example

  • Readiness analysis and internationalization forensics
  • Transformative SMART (*) sales strategy consultancy
  • Sales organisation and process forensics
  • SMART sales competence development
  • Sales intelligence analysis
  • Interim Management

(*) SMART = Specific – Measurable – Action oriented – Realistic – Time bound

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