Free of charge country information provided by the Team Finland network

March 16, 2013 by Juha Merinen

Team Finland provides essential market information to companies looking to grow abroad. In addition the preparation of a new model for international foresight activities is underway at Tekes and it will be published
in spring 2013.

Cost of going international can turn out to be a mountain to climb especially for both Start-ups and SMEs.
There are a number of public sector programs enabling funding for market analysis and “internationalization
forensics”. The challenging times we are going thru right now do not justify the unnecessary increase of public
or even private sector spending. Therefore the initiative Team Finland has taken is warmly welcomed.

Team Finland network has taken the right path capitalizing on already existing information and making it
available to whom it may concern in order to support growth and internationalization of Finnish businesses.

Currently the information is provided by organisations like Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Finpro, Finnvera, Tekes, Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Finnish-Swedish Chamber of Commerce.

Below, a number of links to open market information provided free of charge by the Team Finland network

More about Team Finland


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