Worlddidac Association and SMART Internationalization® to build the bridge for Education Business between Finland and Worlddidac

March 4, 2016 by Juha Merinen

SMART Internationalization Oy has become a new valued member of Worlddidac Association. The new partnership will bring concrete benefits both for the Finnish EdTech companies and Worlddidac members looking to grow their business internationally.

 “Worlddidac is convinced that cooperation with SMART Internationalization® will bring great added value to the Worlddidac members. No other business sector in the world is as international as education and going global in a very structured way requires genuine understanding of how the international education business needs to be analyzed, planned and executed in the long-run. We look forward to this partnership and exciting mutual projects and initiatives”, says Kateryna Schuetz, Director of Business Development of the Worlddidac Association.

“We are truly excited about this new membership as it will bring real and measurable business benefits for our Finnish customers. Worlddidac is the key international association to support Finnish companies in their internationalization efforts in the education market on a global scale,” says Juha Merinen, CEO of SMART Internationalization®.

For more information, please, contact Kateryna Schuetz, Director of Business Development, Worlddidac Association and Juha Merinen, Founder and CEO of SMART Internationalization®

 About the Worlddidac Association

Founded in 1952, Worlddidac Association is the global trade association for companies providing products for education and training at all levels. It’s the only globally operating organization in this business sector with the aim to support companies active in the education market on a global scale.

The Worlddidac Association currently has 140 member companies and organizations from 38 countries and 4 continents. They are grouped into the following categories: manufactures and suppliers, distributors & dealers, publishers, national trade associations.

Worlddidac ( organises international trade shows and exhibitions in Europe, Asia, India, the Middle East and Latin America, which serve as platforms for suppliers, dealers, government agencies and relevant end-users. Since more than 30 years the Worlddidac Foundation, established by the Association, awards the most innovative educational solutions in education worldwide.

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