Finnish Natural Greenhouse Tent Innovation Enters Africa

May 30, 2013 by Juha Merinen

Emerald Growth Innovation Oy (EGI) with its innovative Natural Greenhouse Tent is one of the great examples what truly determined people in Finnish SMEs can achieve when putting “heart and mind” into achieving company´s big dream.  EGI´s Founder and CEO Mr. Philip Rosenberg was one of the participants on the recent Team Finland visit
to Zambia and Tanzania.

Having set crystal clear objectives for the numerous onsite meetings, being well prepared in advance and by creating relations to key persons prior to visit company was able to bring back more than 400 connections to prospective partners, customers and decision makers.

According to EGI´s Founder and CEO, Mr. Rosenberg “Our Natural Greenhouse Tent´s unique innovation enables and ensures people to grow plants, vegetable and food in very tough climate conditions

  • It saves water, preserving the humidity inside the tent
  • It protects plants from the hot sun, parasites and cold
  • Its non-waven fabric is suitable for recycling or destroyed by burning
  • The greenhouse tent has a positive impact in crisis areas and developing countries
  • The greenhouse tent will not only provide food, but enables also self-employment
    for many in developing countries”

Emerald Growth Innovation Oy was established in 2011 to develop, design, produce, sell and market high quality Natural Greenhouse Tents (Kasviteltta) to gardeners worldwide. Emerald Growth Innovation Oy has a unique technology and solution for its business field. Company´s uniqueness combines the solution, local in-country business development for its prospective partners and “bringing food and employment for millions”.

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