Dramaforum joins forces with Lenovo Finland & Baltics for Digitalization in Education & Lenovo Classroom Orchestration

December 31, 2015 by Juha Merinen

Dramaforum announced 18th December 2015 joining forces with Lenovo Finland & Baltics to realize the digitalization in education. Dramaforum’s EDU products Petra’s Planet Explore and Petra’s Planet Share join
Lenovo’s Education Ecosystem. In this co-operation Dramaforum is offering customers “full solutions” with
Lenovo state-of-the-art EDU hardware and different applications.

Lenovo Classroom Orchestration

“The role of an involved teacher managing multiple student requirements and multiple technology tools can
invoke the role of an orchestra conductor” says Timo Toukola, General Manager of Lenovo Finland and Baltics.

Learning as a Service model – created by Lenovo Finland in close co-operation with its EDU Ecosystem partners like 3Step IT, Microsoft and Claned – responds to the digital challenges of a new Finnish curriculum. However, technology alone is not enough. That is why we wanted to be involved in building an ecosystem that will also respond to the learning environment and monitoring needs of educational establishments.”

We’re really excited about this new partnership.  The idea of learning through exploration, imagination and adventure is an ethos we share with Dramaforum and so we’re confident Petra’s Planet EDU products will be the perfect addition to our Education Ecosystem”.

Kimmo Kärpijoki, CEO of Dramaforum says: “Petra’s Planet EDU products are becoming increasingly popular throughout Europe and we are excited to co-operating with Lenovo to offer full solutions to our mutual customers.

As Lenovo is empowering greater learning through technology Petra´s Planet EDU solutions fits perfectly into Lenovo´s strategic objectives of empowering teachers and students to benefit from today’s technology-driven classroom through reliability, innovation, and enthusiasm for the future of learning. In addition, Lenovo being the market leader within the total Finnish market place is a very strategic partnership for Dramaforum as per today and also in the long run”.

Empowering Teachers and Students Through a Commitment to Reliability and Innovation

New technologies are playing an increasingly important role in classrooms and the educational technology has an increasing demand globally. Finnish educational technology companies combine Finnish pedagogical expertise with innovative digital solutions.

“For Lenovo, being the global leader as a technology provider, education sector is a strategic focus area. Digitalization and motivating learning together in partnership model with our customers, partners and strategic partnerships at all levels and stages, from the design and governance of the initiative to implementation and evaluation are in the core of our business” says Timo Toukola.

“Co-operation with Dramaforum – together with our Finnish Lenovo EDU Ecosystem Partner Network offering world class state-of-the-art educational technology solutions – is a strategic step for us. For Lenovo concrete and clearly measurable pedagogical customer benefits are in the centre of our education strategy”.

About Lenovo Education (http://lenovoeducation.com)

Lenovo Education is an inspiring industry voice and inventive IT partner that works persistently to empower teachers, students, and entire organizations through a commitment to reliability and innovation. Our aim is to help education professionals understand, share, and implement technology solutions that assist them in moving toward goals and improving student outcomes.

As a visionary thought leader, Lenovo Education is dedicated to helping the education industry stay up-to-date with the latest trends. We aim to inspire more confidence in technology’s role in the classroom, provide ideas for successful use, and provoke deeper thoughts regarding how technology can improve education overall.

We are a solution vertical of Lenovo, a global leader in PC manufacturing that offers end-to-end hardware. Lenovo’s proven portfolio of phones, PCs, tablets, servers, accessories, and more gives users the opportunity to create an IT infrastructure that addresses specific weaknesses and creates new efficiencies. Lenovo’s relevant list of partners such as Intel, Microsoft, Google, and more help us to lead interested organizations toward a cohesive
IT solution.

As educators work to successfully transform learning in a way that meets the needs of an evolving landscape, Lenovo Education is passionate about providing the resources to make that transformation possible.

About Dramaforum

Dramaforum is an independent media company, specializing in children’s products, with offices in Finland, Canada and the UK.  Our goal is to inspire children to stay curious and discover the wonders of the world, safely.  For more information, please visit http://www.dramaforum.fi. The educational products can be found from http://petrasplanetedu.com/.

Petra’s Planet is a fast-growing, award-winning educational and entertainment brand that originated from the series of Petra books, originally published in Finland and translated into multiple languages. In less than a year Petra’s Planet has grown by over 400% with millions of children interacting with Petra’s Planet worldwide. Petra’s Planet fosters children’s curiosity about exploring the world, taking care of animals and nature and learning about different countries and cultures.

Petra’s Planet EDU products are designed for 21st century learning. The benefits of the products are:

    Student-centered learning environments that stimulate and motivate children to be active learners
    Tools for teaching modern methods of communication and collaboration
    Features for teaching innovative thinking and problem solving
    Lesson plans on media literacy and global education help to teach the skills needed in the 21st century

The Petra’s Planet EDU products are safe and easy to use:

A set of adaptable lesson plans to help teachers be experts in 21st century education

Web-based applications with usage guidance available for both teachers and students

Safe online environments where teachers can monitor their students

Can be used with a broad range of subjects and 21st century learning principles

Subscription-based, and scalable from one class to a whole school


For further press information, contact:

Kimmo Kärpijoki for Dramaforum:
kimmo.karpijoki@dramaforum.fi or +358 40 576 5801 

Timo Toukola and Juhani Suhonen for Lenovo:
ttoukola@lenovo.com or +358 50 311 1147
jsuhonen@lenovo.com or +358 40 356 8010


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