A new bridge between North-West Russia and Finnish education markets

March 31, 2015 by Juha Merinen

Ruspro Llc and SMART Internationalization Oy have signed strategic partnership agreement in order to provide Finnish companies from ICT and education sector with information about opportunities on Russian education
market enabling more feasible, structured and well-planned market entry.

Children education market in Russia is growing rapidly despite the current economic situation. Low-middle
to upper-level income families cut back on their children education as the last resort. Expenses on different education services are considered as investments into the future of the whole family. Children start attending
early development education programs almost when they are 6 months old. Russian parents are very curious
about new education programs, tools and related services.

Interest in vocational training among adults in Russia is growing as well. Life-long learning concept is now becoming a part of life. Even though the economic crisis has affected budgets for education programs in
companies and organizations the strongest ones are still investing into personnel development.

Globally recognized Finnish education system and Finnish quality are highly respected in North-West Russia
region offering significant opportunities for the Finnish education technology companies. By establishing this strategic partnership both companies – Ruspro and SMART Internationalization® – intend to increase the value
of the highly focused professional services provided to Finnish companies, including knowledge of Finnish internationalization practices and local Russian market. First common projects are already at the negotiation stage.

Centre of foreign trade development Ruspro`s (www.rusprogroup.com) main office is in St. Petersburg, Russia.
The company operates in many segments, though considerable part of projects is in education and ICT segments. Ruspro has a status of evaluated consultant of Trade Centre Finpro St. Petersburg. Managing Partner Irina Solonova has good personal network with North-West private and public schools and state bodies responsible for industry development.

SMART Internationalization® (www.smartinternationalization.fi) was established in response to a clear need for specialized sales development advisory services for growth in external markets. Company is located in Vantaa and run by Juha Merinen who is an experienced executive and international sales strategist with over 25 years hands-on experience in competence development, advancement and management of international business development and expansion operations in a range of sectors including ICT, Education and Software. SMART Internationalization® helps internationalizing companies build strategic sales and organizational competencies for sustainable business growth and expansion.

For more information, please, contact Irina Solonova, CEO and Managing Partner, Centre of foreign trade development Ruspro llc. irina.solonova@rusprogroup.com and Juha Merinen, Founder and CEO of SMART Internationalization® juha.merinen@smartinternationalization.fi


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