Excellence in Strategic Partnerships

December 5, 2012 by Juha Merinen

Strategy based on common and genuine interest between the parties

One of the key features working in a successful ecosystem is to realize the voluntary nature of a partnership model. This requires a deep understanding of the mutual dependency that arises from sharing risks, responsibilities, resources, competencies and benefits.

In the most partnerships the parties work together at all levels and stages, from the design and governance of the initiative to implementation and evaluation. In the best case scenario a long term strategic partnership model will bring measurable synergies where the concept of value added or the total will be greater than the sum of its individual parts. 

Business collaboration is the key competitive advantage

When time evolves Customer Experience will drive the decision making. A genuine Partnership Value Network is the key to success. Price erosion will never end and products are the easiest to be replaced. Therefore it is vital to put the customer in the center of everything and think thru how the shared competencies and resources could be utilized in the best way to add the value for customer´s business objectives.

When functioning perfectly partnerships are a mechanism to leverage different types of resources and competencies,
including, but not only, money.

Respect and trust

A true partnership is always based on a mutual respect and trust. One can build the trust over the years and even decades just to lose it overnight for “a quick win” – especially in times when the business environment is as challenging as it is right now all over the world.

Parties just simply have to pay extra attention to communication and not to take anything for granted. Competition will not sleep and “the empire will strike back” if the other party will lose the focus of the partnership.


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