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SMART Internationalization® provides sales internationalization advisory services to start-ups and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) looking to grow their business prospects in international markets.

Typically start-up and growing companies have not yet developed the internal critical mass and/or competencies required to develop the specific sales strategies and programs needed to benefit from international markets.

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Internationalization, News, Sales Intelligence

SMART Internationalization and Hivemind Consulting launching co-operation for the Polish-Finnish Education and Healthcare markets

February 18, 2017

Polish market presents very good potential for Finnish companies looking at international growth. Growing economy, location with access to Western and Eastern Europe, good selection of local partners and vast amount of customers. Polish companies entering Finnish markets appreciate experienced partners and innovation-friendly environment.

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Internationalization, News

SMART Internationalization® and THE BOAT are bringing up the business opportunities in Brazil – especially for Finnish EdTech companies

December 4, 2016

Over the last few years, Brazil has been one of the emerging economies that have attracted most attention from overseas investors especially for exporting companies that considered it to be a key market for international expansion. Now it is time to promote the Finnish EdTech companies in their efforts to enter the Brazilian educational business...

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Internationalization, News

Will the new Finnish Curriculum make everyone “a straight-A student”?

September 10, 2016

The ever-changing world also challenges the school and teaching to change. Although documentarist Michael Moore praises the Finnish education system as brilliant and, in a good way, child-centered, we still have room for improvement.

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Internationalization, News

World Education Days – Educational Resources Expo (Bern, 8-10.11.2016)

September 10, 2016

Switzerland has long been the home of international educational fairs and conferences through the prestigious Worlddidac events. Swiss Education Days and World Education Days continue this long tradition and are supported by SWISSDIDAC  and Worlddidac Associations. The two new events, in their new home of Bern, are being held from the 8th to the 10th...

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Ekologinen oppimiskeskus, Limeil Brévannes, Olavi Koponen & r2k architectes.

Internationalization, News

Business and research join forces for a new education export product

March 4, 2016

Sustainable Education Design (SED) is a new Finnish education export concept that brings together some of the best partners in the fields of learning, building and sustainable energy solutions. SED is not only about education, but an overall education concept. It entails the what, the how and the where people learn and how sustainable the solutions...

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